Despite being in the middle of digital age, there is still one tried and true way to attract buyers, an open house. Having a successful open house can lead to even better client relationships, referrals, and of course, offers on the property. Below are some tips that can help you have the most effective open house and hopefully yield some results:

1. Spread the Word

When you’re hosting an open house, you have to market appropriately. List the home on popular, high-traffic sites such as Zillow or Trulia. Social media is also a great place to start. Although a 2021 trend report from NAR found that 53% of people between the ages of 31-55 will attend an open house, the first steps in the home buying process begin online for most people. Make sure you market the home in ways that make sense and in spaces where your target audience will see it. Also see our blog about how hashtag utilization can effectively bring traffic to your listings.

2. Food & Local Catering

Every real estate pro knows that food and snacks can take your open house to the next level. Having food available for prospective buyers not only lightens the atmosphere but provides a great opportunity to get to know clients more personally. Whatever food and beverages you decide to serve at your open house, it should be easy to make, light, and refreshing. Pairing with a local restaurant is an excellent way to serve attendees delicious food and promote small local business. Some local restaurants may even be willing to provide a free platter in exchange for promoting their business!

3. Give Prizes

Who doesn’t love a prize? By offering small gift bags or holding a raffle, you can encourage engagement and make your open house more memorable. Some small gifts or raffle prizes can include a cutting board, coasters, mason jars, mugs, wine stoppers, blankets- anything that’s useful, easy to carry, and affordable for you.

4. Be Helpful

At the end of the day, potential homebuyers are looking to you to be a knowledge base about the property and surrounding area. While you’ve surely done your homework, try to go above and beyond with research that extends beyond the surface and prepare yourself for all sorts of questions. Extensive understanding and knowledge of the homes you sell can be the difference in landing an offer, and it also shows your client (and possible future clients) that you are a seasoned professional.

Open houses are hard work but they can yield a great return if executed the right way. You can show off the house to a number of people, gain interest from serious buyers, establish a presence in the local community, and receive feedback on the home and your open house. Try implementing these tips the next time you’re getting ready to host an open house to give your clients an unforgettable home buying experience!

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