Millennials are prepared to buy and refinance homes in 2023! This generation is known as being challengers, change-makers, boundary-pushers, and influencers. If you aren’t already, you should start prioritizing creating lasting relationships with this influential demographic. Here are some other steps business leaders can take to serve millennials:

1. Be a reliable resource. Many millennials do rely on real estate experts to guide them through the homebuying journey. It’s important to offer up professionals who can answer their questions and provide things like blogs, articles, and other relevant insights.

2. Reduce paperwork. Millennials are pretty tech-savvy, and many generally prefer to receive, review and sign documents electronically as opposed to the traditional pen and paper.

3. Be transparent. If you’re a loan officer or lender, make sure to be upfront about fees, timelines, and anything that can impact their transaction. I’ve found millennials like to know what they’re paying for and why.

Millennials have done a lot for the real estate industry, but they are not done yet. Even as the older members of Generation Z start to creep into the market, millennials will likely continue to challenge the housing industry and rewrite the rules of homeownership and the home buying experience.

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